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Why We're Here

Events make us human.

The world needs more smiles. More laughs. More singing out loud and more dancing along. The world needs to think. To cheer. To come together and tell our stories.

Nothing in this world can accomplish all this quite like an event. Since the dawn of tribes, humans have used events - be it ceremonies, rituals, or celebrations - to come together and share experiences.


At their core, events make us human.

Unfortunately, modern events have become a financial nightmare. Every day, great events are cancelled, postponed, or (worst of all) stripped of their essence in the name of budgets.

It’s devastating.

But what if there was a way to put the power back in the hands of the event creators, giving them the financial freedom to continue building extraordinary experiences for people around the world?

That’s where we come in. SilverCrate has shown businesses, charities, organizations and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes how to build profitable sponsorship programs, optimize their marketing and public relations spend, and staff their events creatively. 

Our mission is incredibly clear: to help the creators - that’s you - build extraordinary experiences. Because we won’t accept a world where great experiences die due to budgets. Where events are stripped for parts to make ends meet.

The world wants your event. The world needs your event. 


Let us help you deliver.