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December 21, 2018



Think about the last time you went to the grocery store. Chances are, before you left, you probably glanced quickly at the fridge and the pantry, jotting down a few notes to make sure nothing went overlooked. List complete, you hopped in the car and made your way across town to the local chain grocer, parking your car in their sprawling lot, and grabbing a cart on your way in.


But wait! Just as you walk in and are about to start browsing the aisles, the Manager stops you in your tracks:


“Hey, not so fast! We’ve got a new method of selling groceries here at Spon Foods. Instead of finding exactly what you want from our endless options of food, we’re offering you the chance to pick one of these pre-packaged carts of groceries.”


You turn to see the carts. Each houses a variety of different items, has a pre-determined price point, and is titled either Gold Package, Silver Package, or Bronze Package. Glancing inside, you notice that each cart does indeed have a few things of interest. But then you see the 2% milk. Your kids only drink skim. Then there’s the oatmeal. You family hates oatmeal. And what about all the junk food? Wasn’t your goal this year to share more healthy, nutritious meals as a family?


It’s immediately clear: these packages aren’t going to work for you and your family. 


And honestly, how could they? How could the grocery store possibly know what your preferences are? What your dietary restrictions are? What goals you’ve set? Especially without ever having a conversation with you about what you might like to see in your pre-packaged grocery cart.


Needless to say, being forced to pick one of these carts is not looking like a great option…especially considering there is another grocery store just a few miles down the road. And so, you say goodbye to the Manager, and head off to spend your money elsewhere.


Most of you are probably thinking about how ridiculous this all sounds. Pre-packaged grocery store carts? No way that would ever happen!


And while this is likely true, for some reason we’ve decided that pre-made sponsorship packages do work. That instead of helping marketers to develop a customized program that pulls from our robust selection of sponsorship assets - and is tailored to their company’s unique needs and objectives - we’d rather just offer up generic, one-size-fits-all sponsorship package.


I’m here to tell you that pre-made sponsorship packages are driving away your potential sponsors (and your sponsorship revenue).


 If you're sending a matrix like this, you're leaving money on the table



You’ve gone to all this work thinking through all the different things you can offer to sponsors. Why not leverage this by creating custom opportunities for each of your leads?


The most effective method for building sponsorship packages is two pronged:


  1. Have a conversation with your leads, and learn about their specific needs

  2. Create 1-3 custom sponsorship activation ideas and incorporate them into your proposal


For example, say I get a local insurance agent interested in a millennial focused food festival I’m producing. They respond to my cold email and let me know they’d be open to a quick phone call. My goal once we get on the phone is to listen as much as humanly possible. Ideally, I start by saying a few words, and then let them do the talking…


“Hi Sam. Thanks for taking my call. As I mentioned in my email, I am working on an event that’s targeting Chicago millennials – specifically those 21-29 years old. It sounds like you’re going after the same market right now. Do you mind if I ask what’s been successful for you so far?”


Sam then dives into a whole discussion about how his agency is launching a new digital-only insurance product with a focus on millennials. They’ve created a special email and social media sales funnel, but they’re having a hard time getting enough of their market signed up to their channels and into these funnels.


By connecting with Sam before I send any sponsorship packages, I now have a tremendous advantage. I know exactly who he is targeting right now, and what his pain points are. Instead of a generic package with a 10x10 booth and some signage, I can opt instead to compile all the assets that will help Sam get new email subscribers and social media followers. Things like:


  • An online co-branded sweepstakes that requires an email address to enter

  • Co-branded ads on social platforms

  • Event raffles where attendees get entries by liking Sam’s various social media pages

  • Email newsletter integration

  • Etc.


Based on my conversation with Sam, I can send a proposal for a customized marketing campaign that reaches his audience and solves his problems.


In other words, I’m sending him something that will be very difficult to say no to, because it provides an immediate solution to his problems.


In a matter of a few minutes, I’ve delivered a proposal that is exponentially more likely to convert than you typical, generic, one-size-fits all version. It’d be like the grocery store calling me before I went to the store, asking what foods I wanted to buy, and when I arrived, taking me directly to a cart filled with exactly what was on my list. No unwanted goods. No cutesy “Gold/Silver/Bronze” package names.


Now there’s a cart of groceries I would buy!


Interested in learning more about creating a custom sponsorship packages in a matter of minutes? Check out our Turnkey Sponsorship Toolkit and get started landing sponsorship dollars today!





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