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February 5, 2019

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7 Must-Have's for the Perfect Sponsorship Proposal

January 1, 2018



Sponsorship proposals are tricky. Great ones are part story, part data, and part sales pitch all in a single package. When done correctly, your sponsorship proposal will have your prospects jumping at the chance to work with you. And when done poorly...well...expect them to be filed in the "extra important" file cabinet (aka the trash bin). 


So, how do you ensure your proposal is one of the great ones? Starting with a solid outline is one of the best ways to set your proposal on the right track. Here are 7 proven components of the most successful sponsorship proposals:


1. Cover

When it comes to sponsorship proposals, leads definitely DO judge a book by its cover. Make sure you make a good first impression with a quality cover. This is a great opportunity to get your prospect visualizing their brand being a part of your event/podcast/etc. Use more than just your brand logo - design something that is relevant to the opportunity and that really pops.


Don't have a designer on staff? Check out www.canva.com for super easy-to-use drag-and-drop designs. 


2. Personalization

Do NOT by any means skip this step! There is nothing worse than a generic sponsorship proposal. Take a few extra minutes to include your prospect's name and company logo at the start of your proposal. It will significantly improve the odds that they read more than the first few pages...


3. Opportunity Overview and Details

Give a 30,000 ft. overview of what you are offering with your proposal. For example, if it's an event, talk about the location, dates, etc. This is also where you want to highlight your value proposition. Why is your event/blog/podcast/team/company special? What makes you unique, and how will that benefit the potential sponsor?


4. Target Market

Sponsors want to be sure that their market aligns with yours. Demonstrate that you have a clearly defined target market. Talk about both Demographics (Age, Sex, Location, Income, etc.) and Psychographics (Attitude, Values, Lifestyle, etc.), and indicate how your market aligns with the sponsor's market. 


5. Advertising and Marketing Plan

What are you doing to grow your business, increase your readership, sell tickets, etc.? Potential sponsors want to know that, if they choose to partner with you, that you are doing everything in your power to grow. They want to join a winning team, so showcase all the steps you're taking to win. Talk about your marketing and promotional activities, any advertising you participate in, etc., and how it will positively impact the sponsor if they choose to work with you. 


6. Sponsorship Package(s)

Once you've gotten your prospect up to speed on your opportunity, and proven the value of your company and your market, you can now begin to highlight exactly how they will benefit. Breakdown all the various sponsorship opportunities here, keeping your packages clean, neat, and easy to follow. Be sure to use powerful, descriptive language so your prospect really feels like what you are offering is a significant opportunity. 


7. Pricing Structure 

This is where you monetize the value you are providing. Give a very clear breakdown on the "investment" (always "investment", never "cost" or "price") of the various opportunities you've presented. Ideally, start high and build in some various discount lines to bring the cost down to your target price. Through pricing psychology, the prospect will feel better saying yes if they can see there is discounting built into the package.  


There you have it, 7 must-have's for your sponsorship proposals. These 7 components are what we use in every proposal we build on behalf of our clients at SilverCrate, and with them we have secured millions of sponsorship dollars - and so can you!


As a reminder, we are just two weeks out from the summer session of our Six-Figure Sponsorship Bootcamp! If you are ready to take your sponsorships to the next level, and develop the skills and tools needed to start landing $100,000+ sponsorships for your business, event, or organization, be sure to check out the bootcamp page for more information!

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